Cool Gadgets for Every Age Group

Gadgets and electronic devices are an intrinsic part of our lives now. We cannot do without them and we need them consistently so that we can make our lives easier. Moreover, some of use also cannot resist the temptation to

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Gadgets – Latest Electronic Gadgets

The technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Every year we have certain new inventions, new gadgets developed and introduced in the market. These advancements have taken place because of the development in the computer technology and electronics industries taking

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Future of Java Technology

What do you think is the future of Java Technology?

When Java was designed originally as OAK even its designers were not sure in which route the technological innovation will develop. And actually Java has taken a surprising turn around

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Three Categories of Python Decorators

This article won’t make sense to all Python developers.

It only makes sense if you know how to write decorators in Python. That’s not a beginner skill. I wouldn’t even say it’s intermediate, if you’re doing it right.

Which is

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Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux – Tutorial for All

Whether you are an end user, a system administrator, or a little of both, this book explains with step-by-step examples how to get most out of an Ubuntu system. The book is designed for a wide range of readers, appropriate

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Life Saving Gadget Review: The Stun Gun Flashlight

The stun gun flashlight is truly a marvel of modern gadgetry. It can help you see in the dark, avoid roadside accidents and avoid being robbed and beaten to death. It’s basically like carrying Batman around with you everywhere you

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