Despite Didi’s US$1.2 billion fine, China tech’s regulatory

HONG KONG: China’s US$1.2 billion fine on Didi Global draws a line under the ride hailing company’s regulatory woes, but the retroactive application of laws and a lack of clarity on the firm’s business revival show the worst for its

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Coding the future | Currents Feature

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(PHOTO BY Karen Schaffner)

From left, Joselyn Pirro, 14, and Sagan Friskey, 18, work diligently at their computers learning Qiskit, a programming language that enables their computers to communicate

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Embedded Software Engineer C (Umhlanga) at Datafin


CREATE scalable and optimized products and systems as the next Embedded Software Engineer sought by a UK-based provider of cutting-edge Safety & Security Solutions. The role is within the Research and Development Department with the primary objective to execute

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Buying a new computer? Here’s what to do with your old one

So, you’re getting a new PC? Yay! Congratulations, you must be excited. But what happens to your old one? The one that was there for you through thick, thin, and BSOD, just kept chugging along with love and determination?


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Which Gaming Genre is More Popular?

The gaming business has been effectively generating buzz in the digital community over the last few decades. Gaming is the top choice for people who want to immerse themselves in the virtual world.

The gaming sector is clearly growing, and

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Tech giants to self-regulate in reducing harmful content in

WELLINGTON: Big tech companies agreed on Monday (Jul 25) to reduce harmful online content in New Zealand, making a move that critics said dodged the alternative of government regulation.

Meta Platforms Inc, Alphabet-owned Google, TikTok, Inc and Twitter had

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