Clock-Bound Wait


Consider a key-value store where values are stored with a timestamp
to designate each version. Any cluster node that handles the client request
will be able to read the latest version using the current timestamp
at the request processing

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Emergent Leader


One of the common techniques used in peer-to-peer systems is to
order cluster nodes according to their ‘age’. The oldest member of
the cluster plays the role of the coordinator for the cluster.
The coordinator is responsible for deciding

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Fixed Partitions

Partitions need to be mapped to cluster nodes.
The mapping also needs to be stored and made accessible to the clients.
It’s common to use a dedicated Consistent Core; this
handles both. The dedicated Consistent Core acts as a coordinator … Read More

Key-Range Partitions

Often it can be difficult to know what the suitable split points are
upfront.In these instances, we can implement auto-splitting.

Here, the coordinator will create only one partition with a
key range which includes all the key space.

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Request Waiting List


The cluster node maintains a waiting list which maps a key and
a callback function. The key is chosen depending on the specific
criteria to invoke the callback.
For example if it needs to be invoked whenever
a message

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Is Django Good for Web Development?

Is Django Good : Web development and the 21st century: In the 21st century if something has crossed all the expectations and prediction of the industry is none other than web domain. Everyday there are many web applications are introduced

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