E-Mail Associated Crimes?

Email id associated crimes

Email has fast emerged as the world’s most preferred form of communication. Billions of email

messages traverse the globe daily. Like any other form of communication, e mail is also misused with

the aid of

criminal factors. the ease, speed and relative anonymity of e mail has made it a powerful tool for


some of the major e mail related crimes are:

1. e mail spoofing

A spoofed e mail is one that appears to originate from one source but has actually emerged from

another source. Falsifying the name and or e mail address of the originator of e mail usually

does e mail spoofing. typically to send an e mail the sender has to enter the following information:

e mail address of the receiver of e mail
e mail address(es) of the person(s) who will receive a copy of e mail (referred to as CC for

carbon reproduction)
e mail address(es) of the person(s) who will receive a copy of e mail (referred to as CC for

carbon copy, but whose identities will not be known to the other recipients of af (known as

BCC for blind carbon copy)
problem of the message (a short title description of the message)
certain web-based e mail services like offer a facility wherein in addition to

the above, a sender can also enter e mail address of the purported sender of e mail.

consider Mr. james whose e mail address is His friend peter e mail address

using james can send ethe eees purporting to be sent from peter’s

e mail account. All he has to do is enter in the space provided for sender’s e mail

address. peter friends would trust such e mails, as they would presume that they have come from


whom they trust. james can use this misplaced agree with to send viruses, Trojans, worms etc. to

Spreading Trojans, viruses and worms

Emails are often the fastest and simplest methods to propagate malicious code over the internet. the

love bug virus, for example, reached millions of computers within 36 hours of its release from the

Philippines thanks to email. Hackers often bind Trojans, viruses, worms and other pc contaminants

with egreeting cards and then email them to unsuspecting persons. Such contaminants can also be

bound with software that looks to be an anti-virus patch. E.g. a person receives an email from

Compose From To CC BCC subject


(this is a spoofed email but the victim does not know this). the email

informs him that the attachment contained with the email is a security patch that must be downloaded

to detect a certain new virus. most unsuspecting users would succumb to such an e mail (if they are