Five gadgets that fit right in, in a connected home.

From keeping you entertained when you come back from work to ensuring safety at home while you’re away on vacation, these gadgets work around the clock to cover all bases. With features that can be customised on a companion app to built-in voice assistants that make scheduling tasks much easier for you, these gadgets could end up making managing your home a whole lot easier for you.

Google Nest Cam

Keep an eye out for people, pets, and vehicles in and around your house with the Nest Cam. The gadget has a built-in microphone and speaker so you can talk to whoever’s on the other side of the door. Because the Nest runs on battery, you can install it anywhere in your home – not just where there’s a power outlet. In case you lose power or Wi-Fi, the Nest Cam has a local storage fallback, so it’ll record up to one hour of events on the device. Oh, and it also records footage in 1080p HD! Nest Aware, the associated paid subscription with the Nest Cam, includes features such as familiar face detection and a 30-day or 60-day video history depending on your plan.

₹ 11,999

Amazon Echo Show 8

A combination of a smart speaker and an 8-inch smart screen, the latest Echo Show 8 comes with a 13 MP camera which you can use to make video calls to your loved ones with the Alexa app. The camera also automatically pans and zooms while you’re on video calls, so everyone stays centered in the frame. With dual stereo speakers and an HD display, the Echo Show 8 delivers whatever entertainment you’re in the mood for as long as you are subscribed to Prime Video or Netflix. You can give orders to Alexa in English or Hindi. The latest version of the device comes with a new “shared home screen”, so pre-approved family and friends can share recent photos with you, and it will show up right on the screen.

₹ 10,999

Philips Wiz Smart WI-Fi LED Bulb

Life’s little comforts now include not having to drowsily get up from bed to switch off the lights before you fall asleep. And, something like the Philips Smart Bulb is what makes that possible. Download the WiZ companion app on your smartphone or tablet and connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network – no wiring or additional equipment is required to set this up. The Philips Smart Bulb lets you tune into some mood lighting – be it a quiet, mellow night reading in bed or hosting a bunch of friends for a party! You can choose from its endless colour options or use the pre-set themes available on the app. You can also automate the timer and scheduling functions for the lights to turn on the moment you reach home from work.
₹ 1,999 onwards

iRobot Roomba j7+

Breathe a sigh of relief at never having to broom the house ever again! The iRobot Roomba j7+ is one of the latest launches from the company and can be programmed to start cleaning when you leave the house and wrap it up by the time you’re back. The Roomba j7+ takes the time to understand your cleaning preferences, learn your cleaning rules, and ask for and respond to feedback. It can recognise and avoid cords and solid waste while cleaning, With the Do Not Disturb feature on the iRobot Home app, you can define windows of time in which the robot should not run, in case you’re in a meeting or catching a wink.

₹ 74,900

Wipro Smart Plug

This one’s great for turning any regular, old appliance at home into a ‘smart’ one. Plug in electricals such as your air-conditioner, geyser, or washing machine into the Smart Plug and use the Wipro Smart app to control these appliances remotely. Alexa & Google Assistant both work with the Smart Plug which means you can command it to “Switch on the washing machine at 7 AM” or “Turn off the AC at 1 AM”. You can also easily monitor the energy consumption of multiple devices that are plugged into the Smart Plug.

₹ 2,290

Published on

July 02, 2022