Work Successfully With Your Elance iPhone App Developer

Work Successfully¬† : Elance is an awesome place to outsource highly skilled developers and graphic designers to create your iPhone app. But the work doesn’t end when you select the best app developer, and there are quite a few of things you can do to guarantee your project operates without problems from start to completion.

Choosing Milestones to Make Everyone Smile

Among the very first actions you’ll be expected to perform in the Elance Workroom is approve the terms and milestones for the project. Milestones are used to specify the timeline and when payments are released. They can be adjusted at any period during the project by you or the developer with agreement by the other party.

Most developers will already have a method in mind for the milestones, so the best thing to do initially is relax and wait for them to provide it. If your developer doesn’t post one though or you have a problem with their milestones, you can build your own.

The most straightforward strategy to break milestones down is by dividing up the key features of the app. Let’s say your app records sound and manipulates the recording to sound like the opposite sex when it’s played back. The 1st milestone might be “Audio Recording Feature Completed”, the next milestone may be “Recording Manipulation Feature Completed,” and subsequently the very last one would be, “Completed project accepted by App Store”.

Another option is to split up the milestones into the different screens in your app, and then mark them as completed after the screens and all the features affiliated with them are finished. This also happens to be a very good option for Graphic Design project milestones.

A few contractors will request the first milestone to be an initial or upfront payment to start up the job, this way they Work Successfully¬† know you are serious about the job and have the cash to support it. These payments are usually 30-50% of the overall fee of the job, which is a lot to hand out when you haven’t received a single thing in exchange. This is one of the many reasons it’s so important to communicate extensively with developers before you decide to hire them and ensure you are both on the same page about the requirements for your app.

In my experience I have discovered if you are working with a company of developers they may be more prone to require this initial payment, whereas individual developers don’t typically. But it really just depends on the developer.

If you’d like your contractors to follow along with the milestone dates you’ve both agreed upon for your project, it’s important for you to respect them as well. If your contractor updates you with a finished milestone and you are satisfied with the work, make sure you promptly release any payment for the milestone and fund the following one immediately so they can start on it right away. Your contractors will appreciate receiving their payment in a timely manner and it will help prevent any delays in the project, making everyone a happy camper.

Work Successfully  Communication Barriers

Effective communication with your contractor is among the most important factors in your success and often times also happens to be the most challenging to achieve.

Adjusting to time changes, conquering language obstacles, and becoming familiar with completely different customs are all a part of the bargain to have the opportunity to work with talented contractors from around the globe.

Getting past language barriers is the greatest challenge for the majority of people. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and angry when somebody doesn’t understand you, after all you’re speaking perfect English! But that’s exactly where the dilemma is. For some contractors, English may not be their first or primary language. Review the instructions and messages you write contractors before you deliver them and make sure they are crystal clear and there can only be one meaning interpreted from them. Work Successfully

Don’t hesitate to stick with elementary school English either. If it looks like your developer is having difficulties understanding you, pull up to find synonyms for the words they seem to be having problems with. Use basic words and even illustrations or photos if you have the option to “show” what you are trying to communicate. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words more than you ever could.

The biggest thing to bear in mind when you’re communicating with your contractor is to be patient, polite, and professional at all times.

Resolving Disagreements

No one wants an argument with their developers, just like nobody hopes for a hurricane in Florida. However it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for either one.

Try to utilize the Elance Message Board for all correspondences. If you decide to discuss the project over an instant messenger, be sure to save the chat history and load the file to your Workroom so you have a log on Elance. Many developers really enjoy having Skype conferences and meetings to go over project details, which is okay.

But if you discuss any changes to the project make certain they are recorded after and saved to the Workroom. If all your conversations are documented it will be easier to track and obtain them down the road if they are needed to solve a dispute.